Does Amish Dutch Glow Really Work? Find out here!

amish dutch glow reviewsThe first time you see one of the TV or print ads of Dutch Glow, you might not find their claims credible. Its manufacturer also claims that the product is based on a century-old formula that was invented by Amish wood workers.

But I’ve actually tried the Dutch Glow cleaner and I know for a fact that it really works. What’s more, it doesn’t use any wax, so there won’t be any waxy residue on the wood surface of your furniture after you’ve sprayed it.

So because of the exaggerations in the ads and the somewhat overstated claims in some paid Dutch Glow reviews, the result is predictably a backlash of sort. There are some positive Amish Dutch Glow reviews here and there from people who know how to use the cleaner properly. But it has unfairly received some rather harsh reviews because of unrealistic expectations and third party seller issues.

So in this review, we will take an objective look at the product and what it can do so you can make an informed decision.


PricingThis is one of the more common complaints regarding this cleaner. The regular price is more than $12, but some sellers offer it for just $10 or so. But that’s not all. You see, there are some sellers who offer it for $10, but there’s a shipping fee of $7.95 included so that’s already $17.95 right away.

Then they may offer a second bottle free, except that you have to pay an extra $7.95 for shipping. There may not even be an option to refuse the second “free” bottle.

So at this point you’re running a $25.90 tab, but then you still have to add a $2 processing fee, so the total is now $27.90 for the two bottles.

But some buyers misinterpret the mechanics of the deal, so they order another bottle believing that doing so gets them the free bottle. Instead, they get another set of Dutch Glow bottles for another $27.90, so now they’re being charged $55.80. And since they expected to spend only $10, the final tally leaves a lot of reviewers understandably upset.

There are two ways to avoid such issues. One is to take advantage of the free shipping on Amazon if you buy a total of $35 worth of eligible goodies. Or you can pick a reputable ecommerce website that allows you to click on a final confirmation order before the deal goes through.

You can also check local retail stores and see if they sell Dutch Glow. In some places you can buy Amish Dutch Glow in stores and the price is only $10. There are no shipping fees and no processing fees either.


This is another common area of contention among online buyers. You’re lucky if you receive your order in 1-2 weeks. But some sellers will tell you that the delivery may take 4 to 6 weeks.

When buying Amish Dutch Glow in Canada you may have to wait for a few weeks and pay for shipping, because Amazon free shipping is only for US addresses.

Again, the best way to bypass this issue is to just get the Dutch Glow from a retail store. You get it right away without any protracted waiting period.

Ease of Use

Now this is another sticky issue for Dutch Glow users. You see, many of the ads seem to indicate that cleaning off years of wax and dirt buildup from any wood furniture is as easy as making a simple swipe of the cloth and cleaner.

But that’s like having a magic wand and saying the magic word. Here’s a hint: saying “Tergeo” in perfect British accent won’t work here, because you didn’t go to Hogwarts and you’re not actually using a magic wand.

Ease of UseYou’re going to have to work just a bit harder than that to get the dirt and wax off. You spray the Dutch Glow on the table after you’ve shaken the bottle thoroughly. Then you need to let it sit for about 3 to 5 minutes, to give it enough time to loosen the dirt and wax so they’re easier to remove.

Then you wipe it off, and then you do it again. And for some of the much older wood furniture, you may have to do it a third time, maybe a fourth. You’ll know when to stop when the microfiber cloth you use to wipe off the cleaner is no longer black with wax and dirt.

Realistic Results

Finally, here’s the part that really frustrates the buyers. They seem to think that it will magically work on all water stains, but that’s not exactly the case. Water marks don’t react the same way to the cleaner, because tables have different finishes (varnish, lacquer, etc.) and different toppings (oil, wax, etc.). Removing water marks and stains is a trial and error operation.

What you do get is impressive enough, but only if you cleaned it thoroughly. You get a piece of wood furniture that’s free of the wax and the dirt that have attached themselves to the wood over the years.dutch glow result

The natural beauty of the wood shines through, and Dutch Glow itself doesn’t leave a wax residue. That means you won’t have the same problems as before, and you won’t have to worry about leaving fingerprint marks after cleaning.

So there you have it.

In reality, Dutch Glow is actually an impressive wood cleaner in its own right. But you need to use it correctly, and you need to temper your expectations to a more realistic level.

Dutch Glow really does work, but it’s still just wood furniture cleaner and not a magic potion regardless of whether or not it was actually based on some legendary Amish cleaning formula.

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