Dutch Glow Review: How to Use It Correctly and Much More!

Wood furniture exudes elegance and charm, but it also gives the owner some pretty annoying problems. The wax buildup for one, can make it look dirty and dull, and the water rings can leave a mark that’s hard to remove. If you have wood furniture you need to have the right cleaner. And for many people, only Dutch Glow will do.

A Quick Overview

OverviewThe first time I came across the Dutch Glow furniture polish, I have to admit that I was skeptical about its claims. Supposedly, it was based on a century-old wood cleaning formula which came from Amish woodworkers.

The essence of the claim, however, is that the Dutch Glow Amish wood milk is free of harsh chemicals that cover up the beauty of the wood with a wax residue. In fact, the point of Amish Dutch Glow is that it removes the wax buildup from the furniture. Also, it removes the dirt buildup as well.

Its manufacturer claims it’s easy to use and the result offers a nice clean wood surface that won’t have any fingerprint marks on it. It can be used on any wood product, as well as on any veneer surfaces.

How to Use It Correctly

The only way you can get the promised results is by using the product properly. First you’ll need to shake the bottle thoroughly. Maybe you can even warm it up a bit first, so the cleaning liquid can get through the squirter.

Then you can spray it on the table, or spray it on the cleaning cloth. A microfiber polishing cloth is your best bet, but you’re probably going to need several cloths especially if this is the first time you’re going to use this cleaner.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that the cloth you’re going to use is going to remove a lot of wax and dirt which means the cloth will turn black when you use it. So if you don’t want to spend a lot of time washing off the dirt, you better have a lot of spare cleaning cloths readily available.

Once you put some of the cleaner on to the wood surface, you’ll need to let it sit for about 3 to 5 minutes. It needs a bit of time for it to work and loosen the hold of the wax and dirt on the wood.

After you’ve waited for 5 minutes, you can start wiping off the cleaner from the furniture. Now here’s the important part: you have to repeat the procedure right away to get the best results. For first time users, you may even have to do it three times to get all the wax and dirt out.


So where can you use this cleaner? You can use it on just about any wood product, such as hickory, mahogany, pine, or maple. It’s also safe to use on teak, cherry, and oak. And even though veneer isn’t really wood, it can work well for this type of surface too.

You can use it on wood furniture in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, and patio.  Use it on your old chairs, tables, and cabinets. If it’s made from wood, then the Dutch Glow will be able to clean it. You can also use it on older wood furniture, but you need to be ready to spend a lot of time on them. The older the furniture is, the more wax and dirt it has accumulated over the years.

The Results

If you’ve been diligent in your online research, then you know that the reviews regarding this cleaner are decidedly mixed. Some people find it ok, others find it great, while a few are not at all happy with it. Many of the negative reviews are because of unrealistic expectations regarding the ease of use and the actual results.dutch glow tabledutch glow table

But we can’t really blame them. Some of the product’s ads showed an amazingly shiny furniture after just a single swipe, so it’s understandable that some people were disappointed that they didn’t get the exact same results.

Quite a few are also turned off by the subpar delivery systems of many online sellers. It may take a couple of weeks before you get your cleaner. The pricing may also be a tad confusing as well.

But it’s now available in some retail stores, and because of this the reviews have become more positive as of late. That’s why when you want to purchase the Dutch Glow, where to buy is an important consideration. You should pick a dependable seller so that you don’t have to deal with delivery issues.

Should You Buy It?

I have the seen the results for myself. It really does take away the wax buildup, and that gives the wood furniture a better look and a more improved condition. But it takes a while for it to show some significant results and you need to exert a bit of effort too. Your furniture won’t “glow” with just one swipe!  You have to work at it. You have to be vigorous in scrubbing off the wax, and you have to do it more than just once.

After a couple of hours, you may notice that when the substance has dried off the shine is already visible. The wood will look brighter, and the residue won’t attract dust and dirt unlike other wax cleaners. It does not contain any trace of wax, so it doesn’t attract dust and it doesn’t cover up the wood. It lets the wood’s natural quality shine through and touching the surface with your fingers won’t leave fingerprints either.

And that’s essentially what you get with Dutch Glow. It works especially when you follow the instructions carefully. And when you temper your expectations to a more realistic level, you’ll find yourself as I did—satisfied at the improvement of your wood furniture.